The King already knew

where it was most beautiful so why not step into his footsteps and visit the Castles Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Hohenschwangau

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Be the lord / lady of the castle

We also recommend a visit to the mountain ruins Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg, Falkenstein or Ehrenberg. All picturesquely situated with amazing views. Also worth seeing are the museums and churches in the area.

Whatever the weather...

There is the Museum of Füssen or the Wittelsbacher Museum in Schwangau. Last but by no means least the many museums of local history in the diffrent districts.

In 1983 UNESCO made the world famos pilgrimage church Wieskirche a world cultural heritage site.

The immense power of water

Situated between Tiefental and Obersdorf is Breitachklamm one of central Europe's most beautiful gorges.

The stunning waterfall Lechfall in Füssen is alsoworth a visit. Rumor has it that St.Magnus left his footprint in the rock here.

Or, if you prefer a more quiet alternative, you could also visit Insel Mainau with its immense flower display.